A Facelift for the Outdated

February 18, 2010 at 9:50 am Leave a comment

It is amazing what a few adjustments within the “face” of your children’s department will make to the eye.  A little makeover is good for anyone and it doesn’t have to be costly.  I will help you get started with 5 improvements that will keep heads turning… and this time, it’s not to avoid the smell of last weeks’ taco bell that is hidden under all those papers you meant to file.


… And everything else that presents itself as old, smelly and outdated.  Block out your calendar for a week and clean, wash, wipe, toss, file and label until everything has a place.  If you are the one that can’t find things when it actually gets put away… create an excel spreadsheet to help you track your resources.  If the following words are foreign to you- clean, file, label, spreadsheet- find someone who thrives on organization (you know them), and they will be thrilled when you finally ask for their assistance.


… Or imagine that you are and need a campaign that will help you accomplish it.  Promote your ministry with the attitude of someone who believes not in what he can do, but what he can accomplish through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  Display your children’s department vision, mission and core values where it can be seen by parents and volunteers… on the website, in your ministry blog, on the back of t-shirts and in the bathroom stalls.  During the elections, everyone is aware of the presidential candidates’ vision, mission and values… shouldn’t your church know where you stand for their kids?


… Volunteers can be reused, just give them a new look!  The best thing that you can do for your children’s ministry is give your volunteers a makeover.  Find creative ways to generate energy, restore morale, bring smiles to their faces and give them a sense of purpose.  Do your part by providing them with the necessary resources in a timely manner, communicating your expectations and utilizing them where they can be a success in your ministry.  Evaluate your leadership and make adjustments so that your volunteers will have the opportunity to minister to kids effectively.  And put a smile on your face- it’s contagious!


… If you are still using tape decks and dinosaur computers, it might be time to bake your pastor some cookies.  The best way to update your technology is to do your own research first.  Find the best options and prices (ask around- there may be people in your church who can get discounts for you or other children’s/youth ministers who may know where you should look).  If you are not tech savvy, your church’s youth pastor likely is.  Don’t prolong the process, but set goals, get the job done and present the results of your research to your leadership aka the people who hand out the money.  Be confident, communicate clearly and persuasively!  


.. They put up with you (you are great, but not that great), so a “thank you” would be profitable.  In children’s ministry, it’s the most affordable and valuable method to communicate your appreciation.  Not only is it effective, but it will go a long way.  You can thank people individually by picking up the phone, sending a handwritten card or leaving them a sticky note.  You may not be able to do this for every volunteer over one week, but set a timeline, keep track of who you have said “thank you” to, and value these two simple words that will take you far with your volunteers.

I hope I didn’t give you too much extra work, but you will thank me later!  The bottom line… the presentation of your children’s department will speak more about your church than anywhere else.  Everyone has the opportunity to raise the bar in their ministry and even those minor details will make all the difference to parents, volunteers and those short people you minister to.  Have fun and let me know how it goes!


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