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Assessing Your Children’s Ministry

First thing first!  Before you get started making improvements in your department, a simple assessment is a good place to get started.  I have attached a form that will be helpful in this process. 

Children’s ministry says alot to the first time visitor!  Visitors will come back just because you have a great children’s ministry and they feel safe leaving their precious cargo with you!  Without cutting any pie slices out of the children’s department budget, you can make small changes that will make a big difference in the presentation of your children’s department.  Get started by utilizing this easy to follow  assessment form.

Assessment Form
Note: In Order to download the assessment form, a free subscription to scribd will be nessessary. But it is quick and easy!



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Your Newest Children’s Ministry Resource

Dear Children’s Minister’s,

Church is for Kids Too is my newest adventure and I am looking forward to adding updated material daily from contributors all over the globe that can bring fresh perspective, creative ideas, wisdom and impart new skills to the audience that we hope to reach.  It’s about changing lives… training ministers to lead children into a relationship with Jesus Christ and providing resources to help them make it happen! 

Whether you are fossil of a children’s minister or you are breaking fresh ground, this site will be your very own resource room.  In it is the tools you need to lead volunteers, administrate your department, manage your time, minister to the kids and develop in your God given gifts so that you can grow and expand the borders of your ministry beyond measure…

Thank You for visiting Church is for Kids Too and be sure to stop by often to check in for new updates.  If you would like to receive emails when we post updates, you can subscribe on the home page.

For the Children,

Kate Jones

Children’s Pastor

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